After building bicycles and bikes frames for years in Belgium, Emil Wastyn decided to come to America and master his craft. Emil opened a bicycle store in 1910 in Chicago at a small location on Hoyne St. and quickly moved to a larger facility on Fullerton Ave.The foundation of the store was built on "Service, Integrity, and Tradition".  Emil's son, Oscar Wastyn SR. came on board and helped the store thrive, building and improving the stores services. Oscar moved the store to an even larger location in the same neighborhood, but on Milwaukee Ave. where it remained for over 50 years. "Service , Integrity, and Tradition" remained the intregal part of the Wastyn success. Oscar Jr. and his son Scott have , in the 4th generation, expanded and moved the store one more time. Staying in the same neighborhood they returned to Fullerton Ave. in the largest location yet. Oscar and Scott remain in the public eye by being the people who would take care of the customers. "Service, Integrity, and Tradition" remain the cornerstone of how things are done at Wastyn Cycles. It has always been the family belief of doing things the right way, no shortcuts, no BS. Call it "old school" , call it hands on, but Oscar Jr. and Scott still get dirty and wrench when they need to. It's the only way to remain true to "service, Integrity, and Tradition".